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A uniform corporate design

We create digital experiences that work seamlessly on all screen sizes and browsers. From smartphones and tablets to desktop screens, our websites seamlessly adapt to the ever-changing context of the latest mobile devices.

Identity Systems

Logo Design

Our procedure


Company goals and / or personality

Of course, the designer does not set the goals or the personality of your company. Yet it is the foundation of all branding processes. In order to achieve the expected result, your company needs to set priorities and values at the very beginning so that the branding team can see the direction and follow it with focus.


Market and user research

When the goals and personality of your company are clearer, then we move on to research. This step is essential for further design steps, be it the logo, business cards, website or advertising material. The research helps to immerse yourself in the environment of the future brand and to understand the specifics that can influence your success.


Logo Design

Some people often confuse a logo with a brand, but it’s only one stage in the branding process. However, it would be wrong to underestimate the role of logo design. It is the basic feature of the brand identity, the most distinctive symbol of the brand image and the basis of an effective marketing strategy that enables a connection with the target audience.


Visual elements of the mark

Logo design is not the only visual representation of a brand. Sure, the main focus will always be a logo, but there are some other elements that deserve attention, like mascots and typography.


Style of corporate brand.

When the logo is ready, the color palette is selected and other visual elements are prepared, it is time to unite them into a harmonious corporate style. This is necessary when a designer works on branding for companies that provide services. Depending on the type of company, different attributes can become a branded item, such as: business cards, correspondence, billboards and banners, T-shirt and more.



Die Arbeit ist getan. Das Bildmaterial ist vollständig. Die letzte Aufgabe des Designers besteht darin, sich zu vergewissern, dass die Kunden das gesamte Material richtig verwenden. Ein Style-Guide ist ein Dokument, das Anweisungen über die richtige und falsche Verwendung der für die Marke erstellten Grafiken enthält. Traditionell umfasst ein Style Guide die Erläuterung der Idee, die hinter einem Logo steht, sowie die Präsentation einer Unternehmensfarbpalette, die für verschiedene Zwecke verwendet werden kann.

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